The Cross of Jesus

March - April 2019

Part 1:  Truth of the Cross

In his first message on the cross of Jesus, Pastor Dennis reveals the truth of the cross.  The cross reveals His love for us and also reveals that evil is defeated.  But the truth is also difficult because it reveals that we are sinners.  How should we apply the truth of the cross?

Part 2:  God in Christ...on the Cross

In his second message on the cross of Jesus, Pastor Dennis discussed how the cross saves us.  God in Christ equals the substitute.  Because God is holy and righteous, He can forgive.

However, we regret to state that due to unfortunate circumstances, the second message was not recorded.

Part 3:  It is Finished (John 19:17-37)

In the third message on the cross of Jesus, Pastor Tim asks the question, how do we respond to the King who declared, "it is finished"?

The cross is one of the most well-known symbols of Christianity.  But its significants lies lies far deeper than a piece of jewelry wrapped around your neck or wrist.  "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God." 1 Corinthians 1:18.  

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James - Faith and Works.

January - March 2019

The Book of James was written by James, the brother of Jesus.  James's readers were suffering persecution and living in poverty.  They were in social and spritual conflict.  Many of the believers were living in a worldly manner.    James corrects them and challenges them  to seek God's wisdom to work out these problems.  Christians must live out their faith.  They should be doers, not just hearers, of God's Word.

Part 2:  Christians and Temptation

Part 3:  Be Hearers & Doers

Part 4:  God's Favorite

Part 5:  Saving Faith

Part 6:  A Christian and Their Tongue

Part 7:  Christians and "the Self"

Part 8:  God's Authority in a Christian's Life

Part 9:  How We Keep God Real in Our Lives

The Sermon on the Mount

July - October 2018

In the book of Matthew, Jesus starts preaching to his disciples and we see Him essentially showing us what true believers look, act, and live like, through the counter-cultural teachings & Spirit-filled life found in the Sermon on the Mount.  This sermon series is based upon Matthew 5-7. 

Part 1: A Sermon Jesus Preached

Part 2: The Beatitudes I

Part 3: The Beatitudes II

Part 4: God's Purpose for Christians

Part 5: The Lord's Prayer

Part 6: The Lord's Prayer

Part 7: Judge not Judged

Part 8: Alerts from Jesus

Part 9: The Authority of Jesus

2 Timothy - Generation to Generation

November - December 2018

In the book of 2 Timothy, Paul's last known writing, Paul writes to Timothy reminding him of that which is spiritually important and that which he’s prayed for, asking God to do/make real in Timothy’s life and experience with God.  In this series, Pastor Dennis and Pastor Tim are team-preaching, focusing on how each geneartion can help the other generations live better for Christ. 

Part 1: 2 Timothy 1:1-5

Part 2: 2 Timothy 1:1-7

Part 3: 2 Timothy 1:3-14

Part 4: 2 Timothy 1:6-11

Part 5: 2 Timothy 1:12-18

Part 6: 2 Timothy 1:12-18


March-May 2017

In this sermon series, Pastor Dennis focuses on the book of Colossians, with its themes of Christ's Preeminence and Sufficiency in all things.   

Part 1: A Study of God's Will

Part 2: Praying for the Will of God

Part 3: Jesus is God

Part 4: The Mystery of God. What does Paul Mean?

Part 5: Dead... Made Alive and Forgiven

Part 6: How do Christians 'Fit' into Today's World?

Part 7: "On" and "Off"... Spiritual Growing

Part 8: Family Relationships 

Part 9: Changed People and Me... 

The Kingdom of God

January-February 2017

In this sermon series, Pastor Dennis focuses on the parables told by Jesus.  The overarching theme is that Jesus speaks in parables so that all can understand. 

Part 1: Introduction to the Kingdom of God

Part 2: Why in Parables?

Part 3: Parable of the Sower

Part 4: Like Weeds and Wheat

Part 5: Like the Mustard Seed

Part 6: Like a Treasure & Pearl

Part 7: Like a "Dragnet"

Part 8: Conclusion

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