Book of Revelation Sermon Series Archive Page

September 2020 - March 2021

A Series on the Book of Revelation - The Alpha and the Omega

The book of Revelation pronounces a blessing to those who read, hear and keep what is written (Revelation 1:3).  Those who understand the revelation of Jesus Christ through John's vision and live such that they have "kept" what it reveals, is blessed.  Northern Lakes church went through each chapter in the book of Revelation.  May the Lord bless all of us with the reading, hearing and keeping of this Word.

Part 1:  Revelation - Introduction (Revelation 1:1-11)

In Pastor Dennis's message, he introduces us to the book of Revelation.  We find out at the very beginning of Revelations that "blessed" are those who hear and keep what is written in it, for the time is near.  The second coming of Christ is also talked about and He is described as the Alpha and the Omega.  What does this all mean?

Part 3:  Revelation - Message to Ephesus & Smyrna (Revelation 2:1-11)

Chapter 2 starts the message to the seven churches.   Pastor Dennis lets us know that the messages are outlined in the following way - the revelation focus, what God knows, the identified problem, action needed and the overcomer promise.  We can use each message to identify how we can grow in our relationship with God.

Part 5:  Revelation - Alive in Christ (Revelation 3:1-13)

In this message Pastor Tim summarizes the messages to Sardis and Philadelphia.  Sardis has a reputation of being alive but Christ tells them they are dead.  Christ tells Philadelphia that they have kept His word and have not denied His name.  Sardis needs to repent while Philadelphia is promised to be kept from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world.

Part 7:  Revelation - Be Zealous and Repent (Revelation 3:14-22)

In this message Pastor Dennis summarizes the message to Laodicea.  Jesus called Laodicea 'lukewarm' and because of this he said he will spit the church out of His mouth.  What does 'lukewarm' mean and how can we prevent that from happening in our lives?

Part 8:  Revelation - Looking into Heaven (Revelation 4:1-11)

In this message Pastor Dennis gives us heavenly realities as describe in Revelation 4.  We know that God is on the throne (verse 2), He is holy (as worshipped by the 4) and He is worthy (as worshipped by the 24).  What does that mean for us in 2020.

Part 9: Revelation - The Lion and the Lamb (Revelation 5:1-14)

In Pastor Dennis's message on Revelation 5, we find the description of Jesus.  Jesus is described as the Lion but also described as the Lamb. How can both descriptions work?  As we explore the answer, we also find out something else. He is worthy of our praise!

Part 10:  Revelation - Keeping Faithful (Revelation 1-5)

In this message, Pastor Tim reviews the first five chapters of the Book of Revelation.  First, Christ is revealed and then we find out that blessed are those who hear and keep what is written in this book.  Lastly we find out what hope there is in these changing times.

Part 12:  Revelation - The End Begins (Revelation 6:1-7:17)

Pastor Dennis gives us this message on the beginning of the end.  The seals open and we find out what must happen.  All of mankind is shaken, but who can stand?

Part 13:  Revelation - The End is Coming (Revelation 8:1-13)

Pastor Tim continues the message on the coming of the end.  The last seal is opened and there was silence in heaven!  Then seven trumpets were given to seven angels.  As each trumpet blows, God brings justice.

Part 14:  Revelation - The Sweet and Bitter End (Revelation 10)

In Pastor Dennis's message on Revelation 10 we find a rare instance, God instructs John not to reveal what he has just seen and heard.  This is an important reminder that God alone knows everything.  We are not meant to know all things and cannot claim to know all things.

Part 15:  Revelation - The Justice of God (Revelation 10:1 - 11:19)

Pastor Dennis gives this message on the justice of God.  We see God mightedly at work in this chapter.  And as the seventh trumpet sounds, heaven praises God for His righteous judgement on evil.

Part 16:  Revelation - God Reigns, Evil Attacks (Revelation 12:1 - 13:18)

Pastor Dennis continues on with the sermon series on the Book of Revelation.  In these chapters we see that there is a spiritual war going on, both in heaven and on earth.  But, we know that the authority of God is greater than evil.

Part 17:  Revelation - A Clear Distinction Is Made (Revelation 14)

Pastor Tim gives us this message where a clear distinction is made.  Who will you worship?  Are you living for what does not last or for that which never ends?

Part 18:  Revelation - It is Finished (Revelation 15:1-16:21)

Pastor Dennis gives us this message on these two chapters of Revelation.  The seven bowls are introduced in chapter 15 and described in chapter 16.  The 7 bowls are the third in a set of 3 cycles of devine plagues.  This set is the most severe, total destruction (the judgement of God and the isolation of evil).

Part 19:  Revelation - A Call for Faithfulness (Revelation 17-18)

Pastor Tim gives us this message on these two chapters of Revelation.  In chapter 17 the great prostitute and the beast are mentioned and the dwellers of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life marvel to see them.  But the Lamb will conquer them!  

Part 20:  Revelation - Hallelujah's Heard in Heaven (Revelation 19:1-21)

Pastor Dennis gives us this message on Revelation 19.  Up to this point, the earth has been subjected to a series of judgements by God.  Now John hears voices praising God which leads into the second coming of Christ and the final battle.

Part 21:  Revelation - Christ Reigns (Revelation 20:1-15)

Pastor Dennis gives us this message on Revelation 20.  After 1,000 years, Satan is released and defeated and sent into the lake of fire forever.  Then the White Throne Judgement.  Is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life?

Part 22:  Revelation - God Makes Everything New (Revelation 21)

Pastor Tim gives us this message on Revelation 21.  The old has passed away and all things are made new, including a new Jerusalem.  God will dwell with them and His glory gives it light.

Part 23:  Revelation - The Last Words (Revelation 22)

Pastor Deebus gives us this message on Revelation 22.  In this final chapter we get a glimpse of the future.  Then John completes Revelation by including another reassurance from Christ that these are His words.