Northern Lakes Church

Find Hope... Experience God

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Welcome to

Northern Lakes Church!

Northern Lakes Church


Hello and welcome to Northern Lakes Church. 

     You’ll find our worship music upbeat and contemporary.  We put the Bible (it’s teaching and authority) at the center of NLC.  Missions and God’s working in our world is important to us.  We value strong and healthy families.

     NLC is becoming a vibrant community of Jesus followers who intentionally are bringing the Kingdom of God into their personal lives, their families and community.  We believe that God accepts us just as He finds us; however, we also know that He loves us too much to leave us where He found us.  He is changing us.  He begins with our hearts and gradually touches every area of our lives. 

     We want you to know that everyone is welcome at NLC.  No one is perfect; so come as you are.  Meet God.  Let Him become the center of your life and be transformed.  Find hope; experience God!

Northern Lakes Church


Northern Lakes Church exists to become a vibrant community of Jesus followers who are experiencing God and living out His kingdom in our personal lives, in our families, and in our community. 








We believe God loves us so much, that He accepts us just as He finds us. However, He loves us too much to leave us where He found us. Therefore, our vision for every person at Northern Lakes Church is summarized in these three words: "Learn, Love, Serve".







Northern Lakes Church has six core values that express what's important to us. They are:

  1. A Transformational Relationship with Jesus
  2. The Bible's Place of Authority in our Church and in our Personal Lives
  3. Authentic, Heartfelt Worship
  4. Come as You Are
  5. Being a Missionary to the Community and the World
  6. Commitment to Family

More Information

Service Times


   6:30 p.m. Worship Service


   9 a.m. Groups and Classes

   10 a.m. Main Worship Service


   5:30 p.m. Awana for kids, M.S. Impact, H.S. Impact

Contact Us

Office: 715-822-5502



Who We Are

Northern Lakes Church is a warm, friendly, caring congregation that offers many ministry opportunities to help you to discover all that God has for you. We invite you to join us on this journey of growing and learning to live in relationship with God.

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