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Pastor Dennis has been the lead pastor at Northern Lakes for the past nine years. He and his wife, Lois (of 45 years), have four adult children and eleven grandchildren. The Wrights ministered as missionaries for 37 years before returning to the United States in order to pastor. Mission experiences and sharing the truth of God to people of many cultures are foundational to their leadership and provide both helpful illustrations as well as real life experience of God's way to transform lives. Their repeated prayer asks God to visit every household in our community in a manner which clearly demonstrates that God is alive and wants to be involved in all of our lives. John 15:16 is a Bible verse of promise, which describes both their calling and experience in following Jesus.

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Heidi first came to Northern Lakes in 2013 after life altering events took place with her family. Finding hope and friendships she and her husband Wayne, of 29 years, now call Northern Lakes their church home. They have one adult son. Heidi's desire is to serve and share her excitement about Jesus and her church family. Heidi and Wayne enjoy bicycling (Fat Tire, Mtb/Single Track, and Rail to Trail), camping, and fishing for Musky's. You'll find Heidi in her free time reading, and watching her many pets wander the yard.

Jim was in on the deck of the beginning of Northern Lakes Church as the first meeting took place on the deck of their home. His wife, Dora and Jim served in various roles and Jim currently serves as custodian which he believes has much more responsibility than cleaning and minor repairs. After 34 years Jim retired from a family owned business. Jim is a Cumberland native and has lived in Cumberland for 41 years.

Pastor of Connections and Systems

Bill and his wife Shana began attending Northern Lakes in July of 2016. Connecting people to God and to each other is one of their greatest passions. Bill draws from the experience he has gained from the years spent leading connections/discipleship ministries and is eager to see what God has planned for Northern Lakes Community Church. Bill and Shana enjoy motorcycling, boating and laughter.